All deliveries within the UK take between 3 - 5 working days. We will contact you as soon as the order has been dispatched.

An artisanal selection of gourmet condiments, from jams and chutneys to vinaigrettes and sauces

M A D E  W I T H  L O V E  I N  K E N Y A

Frequently Asked Questions

Pink Grapefruit Habanero Marmalade won 2nd place in the 2021 International Flave Awards
Category: Jams and Jellies

Paradise in a Jar won 1st place at the 2020 International Flave Awards Category: Jams and Jellies

Orange Ginger and Coriander Marmalade won the Gold Marmalade Award at the 2018 World Original Marmalade Awards: Commonwealth Category.

Jams, Chutneys, Hot Sauces and Mustards can be kept in the cupboard however must be refrigerated once opened. All other products must be refrigerated at all times.

The shelf life of each Jar of Goodness is printed on the label. All dates are best before and range from 12 months to 18 months, depending on the product.

Your shipping is calculated based on the gross weight of the items in your basket.

All deliveries within the UK take between 3 – 5 working days. We will contact you as soon as the order has been dispatched.  

The following products contain alcohol but are not alcoholic; Whiskey Hot Sauce, Jalapeno Tequila Sauce, Whiskey Mustard, Spiced Plum and Port and Strawberry Sangria Jam. Through the cooking process, all but the Whiskey Mustard become non-alcoholic but retain certain flavors from the alcohol used in them. The Whiskey Mustard does not go through the same cooking process and so does have a tiny percentage of alcohol.

Some of our products contain alcohol hence not halal. However, the ingredients used in all our products are plant based and organic. Click here for more details on specific products.

Our products are not factory produced, so sugar is one of our natural preservatives. We like to think of some of our products as special treats to cater to lovers of baked goods; However, we also offer several products that have no sugar added. Visit our product glossary here for more information.

All our products are crafted by hand with care and attention.  We do not use chemical stabilizers or other similar agents, which, while giving a uniform appearance, may compromise on freshness and quality. Don’t forget to shake well before use. 

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