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An artisanal selection of gourmet condiments, from jams and chutneys to vinaigrettes and sauces made with love in Kenya


Glossary of Products

Here is a glossary of all our products in our website shop. We hope you find something you love!

Apple Cider VinegarRaw unfiltered with the mother 
Apple Stem Ginger Chutney

Apples, Stem Ginger, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Spices


Beetroot ChutneyBeetroot, Onion, Apple, Raisins, Spices, Sugar, Vinegar 
Cheeseboard ChutneyApricots, Apples, Spices, Vinegar, Sugar 
Chilli Honey100% Pure Honey, Birds Eye Chillies 
Citrus  Hot SauceGrapefruit, Oranges, Lemon, Lime, Habaneros, Sweet Peppers, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt 
Cocoa Sesame ButterSesame seeds, Icing Sugar, Vanilla, Cocoa, Cocoa NibsContains Sesame Seeds
Coffee Toffee Apple JamApples, raw cane sugar, coffee, pectin, spices 
Coriander and Lime VinaigretteCoriander, Lime, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar 
Date Sesame ButterSesame Seeds, Dates, Salt, VanillaContains Sesame Seeds
Elderflower DressingHomebrewed Elderflower Cordial, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mustard, Oil 
Espresso Harissa SauceSerrano Chillies, Pili Pili Hoho, Coffee, Spices, Garlic, Salt. 
Fig, Tomato, Caramelised Onion JamFig, Tomato, Onions, Vinegar, Sugar 
Fire Cider TonicRaw Apple Cider Vinegar (Live with the Mother), infused with herbs, spices, fruits, onion, and garlic. 
Genovese PestoBasil, Parmesan, Nuts, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, OilContains Dairy and Nuts
Hearty Onion Ale Chutneyonion, turnip, apples, garlic, dates, tomato, sugar, vinegar, spices, aleContains Alcohol
Hibiscus Cardamom GlazeHibiscus, Sugar, Lemon, Cardamom, Sesame Oil, Vinegar, Corn Starch 
Hot Passion SauceScotch Bonnet Chilies, Passionfruit, Sugar, Vinegar, Oil 
Jalapeno Tequila SauceBirds eye chilies, salt, garlic, vinegar, tequilaContains Alcohol
Lavender Honey100% Pure Honey, Lavender 
Lemon Tahini SauceTahini, Lemon, Garlic, Herbs, Salt 
Mango Habanero SauceChilies, Mango, Onion, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spices 
Mulled Wine ChutneyApples, Oranges, Figs, Sugar, Vinegar, Wine, Brandy, Salt, Spices.Contains Alcohol
Orange Ginger Coriander MarmaladeOrange, Ginger, Coriander Seed, Sugar 
Orange Tahini VinaigretteTahini, Orange, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oil, SpicesGluten and Dairy Free
Paradise in a jarPineapple, Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Citrus Peel, Coconut 
Passionfruit Curdpassionfruit, sugar, butterContains Dairy
Passionfruit VinaigrettePassionfruit, Sugar, Herbs, Salt, Vinegar, Oil 
Peanut Tamarind DressingPeanuts, Soy Sauce, Honey, Ginger, Garlic, TamarindContains peanuts
Pear & Walnut ChutneyPear, Apples, Walnuts, raisins, dates, Sugar, Vinegar, Spices 
Peppered Pineapple JamPineapple, Sugar, Habanero Chilies, Peppercorn 
Peri Peri Sauce (VERY HOT)Habanero Chilies, Mustard, Vinegar, Salt, Herbs, Oil, Garlic 
Pink Grapefruit Habanero MarmaladePink grapefruit, Habaneros, Sugar 
Ploughman’s ChutneyCauliflower, Courgette, Onion, Celery, Apple, Sugar, Vinegar, Mixed Spices 
Plum Habanero SalsaTomatoes, onions, plums, habanero chilies, garlic, tequila, salt, spicesContains Alcohol
Poppadum ChutneyMango, Chilies, Onion, Mixed Spices, Sugar, Vinegar 
Poppy Seed DressingPoppy Seeds, Cashewnuts, Salt, Mustard, Honey, VinegarContains Cashewnuts
Preserved LemonsLemons, Herbs, Spices, Oil 
Prickly Pear BBQ SaucePrickly Pear, Onion, Chillies, Garlic, Salt, Spices, Lime, Sugar 
Raspberry Chocolate SpreadRaspberries, Chocolate, Sugar, PectinContains Dairy
Raspberry Jalapeno JamRaspberry, Jalapeno Chilies, Sugar 
Rosa Harissa PasteDry Chillies, Serrano Chillies, Spices, Rose Water, Rose Petals, Lemon, Vinegar, Oil. 
Smoked Chilli SauceSmoked and Fresh Jalapenos, Tomatoes, Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Spices, Salt. 
Spiced Onion ChutneyOnions, Sugar, Wine, Vinegar, spicesContains Alcohol
Spiced Pear & Macadamia DressingPears, Dates, Macadamias, Mixed Spices, Vinegar, Mustard, SaltContains Macadamia nuts
Spiced Plum and Port JamPlums, Mixed Spices, Port Wine, SugarContains Alcohol
Spicy  VinaigretteDry Chillies, Serrano Chillies, Bell Peppers, Spices, Vinegar, Mustard, Garlic, Shallots, Honey, Oil 
Strawberry Sangria JamStrawberry, Sugar, Mixed Spices, Citrus Peel, WineContains Alcohol
Sundried Tomato MustardSundried Tomato, Mustard, Oil, Mixed Spices, Vinegar 
Sundried Tomato PestoSundried Tomatoes, Herbs, Nuts, Oil, Garlic, Salt, PepperContains Nuts
Sweet Relishcucumbers, bell peppers, celery, onion, sugar, apple cider vinegar, spices 
Teriyaki SauceSoy Sauce, Sake, vinegar, honey, ginger, garlicContains Alcohol
Tipsy Paprika MarinadeRed Wine Vinegar, Herbs, Smoked Paprika, Salt 
Vanilla Honey100% Pure Honey, Vanilla Bean 
Whiskey Hot SauceSerrano Chilies, Onion, Carrots, Sugar, Vinegar, Spices, WhiskeyContains Alcohol
Whiskey MustardMustard, Honey, Whiskey, Flour, Mixed SpicesContains Gluten and Alcohol
Za’atar Spiced Hot SaucePeppers, African Bird’s Eye Chillies, Za’atar Spice, Vinegar 


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