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Hot Sauces

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Made with fresh produce from small local farms in Kenya, our gourmet hot sauces offer a range of tantalizing flavours and heat scales from mild to medium and hot to extra hot. Perfect for the adventurous hot sauce lover or novice spice eater – we have a hot sauce for every occasion. Jars of Goodness Peri Peri Sauce is the sauce hot sauce lovers rave about! The heat of the habanero is balanced by its fruity and floral undertones while mustard, vinegar, herbs, garlic, and salt amplify flavor over the heat. Use it as is a marinade for chicken, fish, or paneer or a dipping sauce for savory treats, and of course, peri peri chips. Whiskey Hot Sauce is the mild hot sauce you can add to nearly any dish for a tangy upgrade! Local serrano chilies, onions, carrots, sugar, vinegar, spices, and warming whiskey make this hot sauce great for marinating meats or adding to a whiskey sour. For something a little sweeter Jars of Goodness Hot Passion Sauce delivers mild-medium heat that’s delicious as a marinade or even swirled into vanilla ice cream !(yes, you read that correctly)!

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