An artisanal selection of gourmet condiments, from jams and chutneys to vinaigrettes and sauces

M A D E  W I T H  L O V E  I N  K E N Y A

Jams, Marmalades and Curds

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Shop our delicious combination of artisanal jams, indulgent curds, and marmalades online. Perfect for any lunch or breakfast table. Our Jams break barriers with the ability to be baked into strudels and cakes, topped on bread, or mixed into cocktails. Similarly, our marmalades offer unique flavors and exciting versatility. The award-winning Jars of Goodness Orange, Ginger & Coriander Marmalade is perfect for spreading on biscuits, bread, muffins, and scones.

For a little more indulgence the Jars of Goodness Passionfruit Curd can be swirled into vanilla yogurt with some granola, spread over pancakes, or used in ice-cream cakes for show-stopper weekend desserts. You’ll love the natural sweetness of the fresh passionfruit farmed locally here in Kenya.

The flavour combinations of our range take into account the current gastronomic trends and innovation, always adding to the range, experimenting, and developing new flavour combinations; while paying special attention to quality, creativity, and the delight of the unexpected.

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